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Branquila launches its creative arm – Bravo!

The agency's inaugural creative campaign, titled 'Fashionable & Free,' was recently launched for Madame.

Branquila Brand Ventures, an integrated brand marketing and management agency established by Sandeep Dahiya, has unveiled its new creative division, Bravo!. The agency's inaugural creative campaign, titled 'Fashionable & Free,' was recently launched for Madame, a prominent Indian western-wear women's brand under Jain Amar House of Fashion.

Sandeep Dahiya, the founder & CEO of Branquila Brand Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm for Bravo's launch, highlighting its role in propelling the agency towards becoming a fully integrated, brand-growth-focused entity. Dahiya emphasized Bravo's mission to usher in a fresh era of storytelling characterized by relevance, simplicity, thought-provocation, and innovation.

The maiden creative project by Bravo, 'Fashionable & Free,' encompasses two 45-second films. These films were released on August 9th and August 14th to coincide with India's 77th Freedom Day celebration. The campaign revolves around the interconnectedness of freedom and fashion, paying homage to the contemporary young women who confidently exercise their autonomy in various aspects of life, whether it's fashion, career, or personal pursuits. Furthermore, the campaign stands as a supportive stance for women aspiring to liberate themselves from societal pressures and expectations, championing concepts such as #judgementFREE, biasFREE, baggageFREE, shackleFREE, expectationFREE, and guiltFREE.

The first film featured Miesha Iyer, widely recognized from reality TV shows like Ace of Space, MTV Splitsvilla, and Bigg Boss 15. The second film starred the accomplished actor and model Richa Sinha. Both films were skillfully directed by Anand Kumar, a renowned filmmaker known for his work in movies like Zilla Ghaziabad and Delhi Heights. The campaign films have been strategically disseminated across major digital and social mediaplatforms to maximize their reach and impact.

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