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Breaking Barriers: Godrej L’Affaire's Bhai Dooj campaign challenges stereotypes, promotes inclusivity

The campaign created in partnership with AGENCY09, redefines the meaning of sibling relationships.

Godrej L’Affaire, the lifestyle platform owned by Godrej Industries and Associate Companies (GILAC), has launched a digital campaign called #CelebratingAcceptance on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. The campaign, created by the Godrej Corporate Brand & Communications team in partnership with AGENCY09, seeks to redefine the meaning of sibling relationships, promote inclusivity, and challenge stereotypes.

The film focuses on the emotional journey of a transgender woman and her brother, intending to initiate conversations about acceptance and support. In a world marked by persistent stereotypes, Godrej L'Affaire seeks to confront biases through this compelling brand film. The storyline follows the siblings celebrating their first Bhaidooj, with the trans woman revealing her true identity in traditional attire, culminating in a touching acceptance by her family and neighbors.

Featuring Pranit Hatte (Ganga) from the trans community, the campaign delivers a powerful message about love, acceptance, and the significance of nurturing inclusive relationships. The campaign emphasizes prioritizing relationships over traditions, urging consumers to "Nurture relationships, traditions will follow." The tagline "Aap rishte nibhao, Riwaaz toh saath aa hi jaenge!" reinforces the importance of fostering connections and reshaping societal attitudes toward acceptance.

Sujit Patil, vice president & head – corporate brand and communications at Godrej Industries, expressed the brand's commitment to engaging followers in socially relevant conversations. Parmesh Shahani, Head of Godrej DEI Lab, highlighted the campaign's aim to celebrate love across all genders and encourage Indians to value relationships alongside customs. Aadie Sawant, Senior Content Creator at AGENCY09, emphasized the importance of positive representation and shared narratives that celebrate acceptance in the realm of inclusivity.

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