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Britannia Good Day ropes in Karan Johar, Zakir Khan, Udit Narayan and others for a surprising campaign 

The celebs are seen doing the unexpected for a new secretive Good Day pack.

To get celebrities to act in ways you don’t expect them to has been CRED’s territory for a while now. Britannia Good Day has decided to take this route with its latest campaign.

In four spots released in the last seven days, the biscuit brand has roped in the likes of Zakir Khan, Karan Johar, Baba Sehgal, Udit Narayan, Gautham Vasudev Menon and RJ Balaji.

“Kashyap lighting”, “S-O-T-Y 24”, “What nepotism ya”… the spot is littered with Johar bits that are now part of India’s pop culture. But there’s one glaring aspect. It’s stand-up comic Khan who’s essaying the role of Johar.

And, in a pleasant surprise, we see Johar take on the world of stand-up comedy in an attempt to mimic ‘sakth launda’, aka Khan.

There are four more spots, where Sehgal dons Narayan’s avatar of the 1990s, while the latter takes on the former’s rap imagery and belts one out. And then, we get to see Tollywood director Menon and south Indian entertainer Balaji in a hilarious clip.

All these celebrities perform the surprising acts as a teaser for a bigger surprise - the Britannia Good Day Surprise pack. We’ve no clue what is inside this pack and so, we’re being urged to go and buy one.

It is, but natural to compare this campaign to the one from CRED. It’s not just the celebrities doing the unexpected, but the aim is to also generate interest.

CRED offers you coins each time you pay your credit bill through it. You can use these CRED coins to claim cashback and rewards. Actor Jim Sarbh says it’s as unbelievable as (former cricketer) Rahul Dravid having anger issues… we know what happened next.

Similarly, Johar doing stand-up comedy is surprising, and then he goes on to speak about the new Britannia Good Day pack.