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Britannia Good Day's TVCs celebrate life's little happy moments

Conceptualised by McCann, the films show that happiness is often hidden in the smallest of moments around rather than grand gestures.

Britannia Industries has launched a series of TVCs under its flagship brand, Good Day! The brand introduced fun and relatable series of five short TVCs. Essentially, these films celebrate the ‘daily happy’ moments that make it a ‘Good Day’ for consumers across generations. These five films are targeted at different consumer segments.

The TVCs conceptualised by McCann convey the message, 'Bade lamho ka kyun kare wait, chhote pal bhi hote hain great'. The objective is to inspire people to celebrate the seemingly small, everyday moments of joy without waiting for the big, momentous occasions.

The films highlights that ‘happiness’ does not only come from elaborate celebrations or grand gestures, but it is often hidden in the smallest of moments around us, every day.

Commenting on the newly launched Britannia Good Day films, Amit Doshi, chief-marketing officer, Britannia Industries, says, “They say some of the best things in life come in small packages. But in our quest for the larger milestones, we often tend to overlook these small, everyday moments that are worth celebrating. The new Good Day campaign build on this powerful insight while borrowing from the mega trend of short, snackable content being all pervasive in our lives. The campaign takes this social media trend to mainstream media with 5 short films of 15 seconds each which showcase stories of such everyday moments of joy being identified and celebrated, making each day a Good Day.”

Prasoon Joshi, CEO & CCO of McCann Worldgroup, India, comments on the recent Britannia Good Day TVCs’, “Life is made up of little moments that light up our life; it is not about waiting for cliched momentous occasions but celebrating these micro-moments. This campaign is about happiness, this Khushi with a Good Day. In effect, make the most of life – and its little joys – by having a Good Day!”

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