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Britannia NutriChoice’s herbs and seeds nearly get into fisticuffs

Only for Ashwagandha to remind them of their true purpose.

Aladdin’s A Whole New World talks about the love he and Jasmine share for each other, but a new spot from Britannia NutriChoice turns the song title on its head.

Yes, it introduces viewers to the world which exists inside a cookie, but it is not filled with love. Instead, a tense atmosphere hangs in the air because headband-wearing Chia Seeds might end up fighting with a read-to-box-anytime Tulsi aunty.

Made by creative agency Talented, the spot introduces two new cookies – NutriChoice Herbs and NutriChoice Seeds.

While the world of herbs and seeds, which oddly resembles a gym, nearly descends into chaos, a babaesque Ashwagandha decides to diffuse the tension and remind everyone of their true purpose – to look after Riya’s immunity.

“These seeds & herbs haven’t belonged together in a cookie – they’ve been in shampoos, cough drinks and sambar, all independently. It’s for the benefit of you, the consumer that they’ve come together – leaving the baggage of their ‘old jobs’. For your immunity. For your convenience. Shout out to our director – Shayak Roy – whose vision brought this film (and each of its ingredients) to life. I have never relied purely on a director’s instinct as much as I did for this launch,” PG Aditiya, co-founder & CCO, Talented, said in a press release.

Speaking about the new cookies and the ad, Amit Doshi, chief marketing officer, Britannia Industries, said, “The effort is to identify good-for-you ingredients through the convenience and taste of a cookie. It’s the reason we launched NutriChoice Diabetic Friendly Essentials Oats and ragi cookies, and more recently, cookies with 20% protein. Our two latest cookie launches have the power of five seeds and the same number of herbs. Playing up the ingredient story was essential – and I’m glad we found a truly entertaining way."

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Shayak Roy, director, Lucifer Circus, added, “I love the way PG and the team at Talented drafted the script. Casting was key. Each element of the film – from inside the biscuit, to each seed and herb – was curated with a lot of effort put in by PG and me. We needed to make sure each cast member resonates with the bizarre reality we were attempting. I’m grateful for the freedom Team Talented allowed me to execute this vision. Rarely does one come across films with so many layers. I’m looking forward to collaborating with master craftsman PG and the team at Talented again”

This is the second spot from Talented for Britannia NutriChoice. The agency on record for this Britannia cookie line released a spot (an Instagram Reels first campaign) for the NutriChoice Protein cookie last month.


Britannia Industries: Amit Doshi, Archana Balaraman, Sobia Sahar

Talented: Balaji Padmanabhan, Nabil Kureshi, PG Aditiya, Prashant Gopalakrishnan, Shreya Arora, Spandan Mahajan, Yathartha Sharma

Lucifer Circus: Garima Vohra, Gaurav Chanana, Shayak Roy (director)

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