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British Paints introduces an all new campaign with fresh brand colors

The firm plans to live up to the campaign communication by infusing colors of happiness in everyone’s life with the launch of a new products range and brand colors.

The year 2022 led the way for new product launches and fresh brand colors as British Paints says ‘Har Ghar Muskuraye, Jab Rang Gungunaye’ in the newly launched campaign. British Paints as a brand has always been on the forefront when it comes to new innovative campaigns, the launch of products that suit consumer needs with the best prices, and various social or partner empowerment programs. On the advent of their new campaign, they put forth a rationale for everyone to sing to the tune of happiness with their high-spirited colors for homes and personal spaces.

Knowing how big of a step it is for an established company to make changes in the existing brand color and campaign, looks like British Paints must have had a very strong reason to do so after persisting with the previous brand color for more than 100+ years. The great revelation clarified that the brand has chosen a ‘dark yellow’ and a ‘navy blue’ as their remarkable replacement of the previous maroon, while stating that yellow swings on the strings of happiness whereas navy blue walks the path of reliability. When combined, they form the foundation of British Paint’s new campaign, ‘Har Ghar Muskuraye Jab Rang Gungunaye’ which is in continuation of their primary communication and campaign ‘Rang Gungunaye’.

“We at British Paints aim to offer joy and optimism to our key stakeholders. We want people to feel happy when they see their dream house in long-lasting and protective colors. And our range of coatings for every solution plays a pivotal role in capturing this joy and making it last forever. It is important for us that our motto of painting hues of happiness into the lives of people gets reflected in our communication,” says Mr. Yogesh Bhatia Singh, COO, British Paints.

In addition to this, British Paints paves the way for the inauguration of 3 fresh and innovative products to their existing range of colors, namely, Shingar All Rounder Hi-Sheen which is one solution for exterior and interior walls gifting high sheen finish to them, Expa Cool Advanced Hi-Sheen Exterior Emulsion which cools surfaces unto 5-Degree Celsius, and Optima 7 Waterproofing Exterior Emulsion with 7 years of warranty. British Paints looked out for all the problems related to wall paints and furnished a solution to maintain ever-smiling consumers.

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