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BSA Lady Bird's new ad campaign celebrates today’s ambitious young girls

The campaign has been conceptualized by Ogilvy India(South).

The modern young Indian girl is extremely determined and fiercely driven by her passions. She is unafraid of conforming to societal norms and bravely pursues her dreams without regard to traditional stereotypes. To help them explore and discover new opportunities BSA LB is set to launch their latest range of girls' cycles during the ongoing festive season.

Speaking about the campaign, Vimal Varijakshan, senior brand manager, BSA, said, “As a brand our mission has always been to enable young girls to be the most fearless version of themselves. With our new range of vibrant contemporary cycles, we wanted to bring a new offering into the market that was as dynamic and energetic as the girls who ride them. With the launch of this campaign, we hope to empower the young girls of today and tomorrow and open a world of possibilities and this campaign is our ode to their drive and courage.”

Throwing light on the creative journey, George Kovoor, group creative director and digital lead, Ogilvy South, said, “Today, young girls are defining their own journeys - they choose their path on their own and pursue them without fear. This film gives a voice to those girls and their ambitions. I hope that this film inspires more and more girls to pursue their passions, to head out, explore and discover their own roads.”

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