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Burger King illustrates the difference between a burger and a Whopper

What’s in a name matters, at least here.

When Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” ages ago, he would never have dreamt that his simple question would make American QSR giant Burger King (BK) to release two ads. The Whopper, BK’s most popular food item, is not a burger, though it resembles one. Hence, it was important to illustrate the difference between a Whopper and a burger.

In a 58-second slot released two weeks ago, BK states, “A burger is a burger. Whopper is well the Whopper. And yet people mix them up.”

The clear distinctions, as per BK, lies in the towering seven layers of the Whopper and its size, which is bigger “in all CAPS.”

BK has also introduced the `It’s not a contest’ to drill down this fact. You need to fill in the blanks with emojis, stickers, text, GIFs to the phrase: It’s not a _____. It’s a _______. The winners get a free Whopper.

To understand the crux of this Whopper versus burger debate, you will have to go back a month. BK got a few folks to try and tell the difference between a burger and a Whopper. Initially, the unanimous opinion was that both are burgers.

But when they took the first bite, the difference became evident. Factors like juicy, more ingredients, super sauces, grill marks (proof that patty is barbecued) emerged. The ad’s last scene spelt the difference: `It’s not a burger. It’s a Whopper.’

Why do we feel that the burger that `lost’ was a subtle shade at BK’s rival McDonald’s?