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Burger King now lets you send yourself a Whopper in the future

It harps on the dystopian future narrative.

They said the future will be bright. Burger King isn’t buying and feels neither should you. That’s why it along with agency Buzzman has released a campaign called "Whopper for the future".

The most striking aspect of the ad is the timeline that starts from 2020 when COVID-19 started till 2034 when humanity would end courtesy a “giant asteroid impact” and dinosaurs would take over in 3129. Humanity can still suffer in between because of an alien invasion in 2045 or the “Year 3000 bug”.

A voiceover then says “nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. At least send yourself something good in the future.”

The campaign allows 100,000 people to order a free Whopper on the Burger King app and you get to choose when you want to receive this Whopper (between January 1st 2021 and December 31th 2030). Then an e-mail with a QR code will be generated, to pick up your free Whopper.

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