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Burger King offers to bail out quarantine chefs

Burnt rice, charred steak, stiff cake... Sometimes, cooking can go horribly wrong. Burger King's latest contest invites users to make the most of it.

Some people have ventured into their kitchen for the first time ever since the lockdown began back in March. It is a brave attempt to cook food and provide sustenance for themselves and their housemates. Some are successful, creating dishes worthy of documenting on Instagram feeds, but sometimes, the result of the kitchen adventure is a burnt, charred dish, barely fit for human consumption.

This is the time when Burger King has offered to ‘rescue’ the so-called quarantine chefs. The ad is not for the restaurant, but rather, for a contest that the restaurant is running. the ad shows the many different ways in which cooking during quarantine can go wrong and offers to bail out failed chefs if they can take failure in their stride, with a pinch of salt.

The contest is an open invitation to locked down Indians to upload a picture of their cooking 'fails', with a humourous caption, to stand a chance to win a gift voucher - a free Whopper burger. Users have to upload a picture of their messed up dish with a creative caption, using the #BailMeOutBK to compete in the contest.

Ever since the Coronavirus struck, more than half of the world went under lockdown in a bid to control its spread. With reduced access to food delivery apps and takeout restaurants, many people the world over wandered into their kitchen in an attempt to get creative. We're also seeing many Bollywood, as well as Hollywood, celebrities step into their kitchens, pick up brooms and mops, and wipe down windows, getting their hands dirty in the absence of their household help. Now is the time to brush up on those cooking skills and improve prowess as a homebody, especially since the lockdown has been extended in many states in India till June 30.

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