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Byju’s presents a world where Indian parents aren't too worried about their kids’ studies…

… And want to become their partners in learning.

Washington Sundar recently scored an invaluable 69 against Australia in the first innings of the fourth Test Match of the Border-Gavaskar trophy. His knock, on debut, helped India gain a formidable hold on the match that it went on to win along with the series.

While people were all praises for Sundar’s score of 69, the person who took the cake was his father M Sundar. He reportedly told IANS, “I am disappointed he did not get a 100…”

This ladies and gentlemen is peak Indian parent behaviour. They always want to us do better, always question us on our studies, and sometimes even 100 on 100 in an exam isn’t good enough.

Byju’s, a leading edtech player has explored this phenomenon in two spots but with a twist. Conceptualised by Spring Marketing Capital, it’s a world where parents are less worried about their kids’ studies and are on their way to become their partners in learning.

While playing table tennis on the dinner table with a line of books acting as the net, a girl remarks to her father that he’s changed. That he isn’t too concerned about her studies as he was before… The father argues that it is she who has changed once she started studying with Byju’s and how she has now begun explaining concepts to her friends. Papa is now a partner…

The second spot is from the perspectives of a mother and her son. Each believes the other changed. While the mother feels her son has become responsible as he’s studying on his own and explaining concepts to his friends, the son feels his mom has become cool because she’s no longer nagging him on his studies.

While the pressures of studies will remain on kids, it is refreshing to see parents try and become partners than run behind kids every few seconds. It is then no wonder that #KeepLearning is the hashtag used in the captions for both spots; it applies both sides here.