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Cadbury 5 Star and Yashraj Mukhate urge you to be a spectator and do nothing this V Day

Because when you are single, there’s no pressure to do anything on Valentine’s Day.

It is not easy when you are single and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Of all the days in the year, this is the one day when love is in the air and you have to breathe it in, all alone.

Not really. Music composer Yashraj Mukhate decided to come to the aid of all the singles along with Cadbury 5 Star with a Valentine's Day special jingle. 56-seconds long, it’s a call to all the singles to stay strong, grab a 5-Star, become a happy spectator, and do nothing.

Do nothing is the tagline of the Cadbury chocolate that on 10 February 2021 released a video where it spoke about the launch of its ‘The Escape Valentine’s Day collection’ – comfy chairs and a bean bags made cheesy Valentine’s Day gift items such as photo frames and teddy bears.

In case you’re wondering when is Valentine’s Day, it’s the upcoming Sunday (14 February).