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Cadbury Celebrations celebrates the deep connections between siblings in new Raksha Bandhan campaign

The campaign #BrothersWhoCare focuses on inviting brothers across the country to show their appreciation for their sisters in a unique way.

Cadbury Celebrations' new Raksha Bandhan campaign aims to highlight the affection between siblings. The campaign highlights that many men  often don't express love for their siblings with the same intensity and regularity as they do with their romantic relationships.

The #BrothersWhoCare campaign identified top romantic content on digital and created contextual fun video reminders to prompt brothers who are either listening to romantic songs or buying gifts to show love to their sisters this Rakhi. Smart algorithms ensured the reminders served were contextual and relevant to the song ensuring millions of perfect combinations that become timely reminders. Each reminder can take brothers to the platform where they can choose from many options available to plan a day with their sister and make them feel truly special.”

The campaign’s TV thematic reinforces the brand message of ‘Iss Rakhi, Kuch Accha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’. This is followed by a digital brand film which further highlights the need for brothers to further build on their sibling bond, this Rakhi. The brand will also enable brothers to plan a day for their sisters. On scanning the QR code on the Cadbury Celebrations pack, users will be led to ''  where they can plan a movie day with their sisters in select PVRs in select cities.

Nitin Saini, Vice President, Marketing, Mondelez India, says, “Romantic relationships often take the spotlight away from other deep relationships, such as that between siblings. Built on a lifetime of shared memory, mutual growth, support, and love, these bonds form the foundations of who we are and deserve their own moments where care and appreciation are expressed through mindful gestures. With the #BrothersWhoCare campaign, we want to encourage brothers to express their affection for their sisters just as they do in their romantic relationships. With Raksha Bandhan approaching, it is an opportunity to invite them to rekindle the timeless connection they share as siblings through quality time spent together. Thus, redefining sibling love – where strength meets sentiment and caring knows no bounds."

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India, says, “Our starting point was to put the spotlight on the reality of the brother-sister dynamic that plays out during Rakhi. Every brother loves his sister but unfortunately this love doesn’t translate into effort in making her feel special on a day that is meant to celebrate this special bond. But the same brothers leave no stone unturned with their wives, fiancées, and their girlfriends. Our attempt was to nudge boyfriends, fiancés, husbands who are also brothers to plan a day with their sisters by putting equal effort as they would for their partners on Valentine’s Day. We conceived and built the #BrothersWhoCare platform that will help remind the brothers to make time for sisters and celebrate this special bond in most magical manner. 

Shekhar Banerjee Chief Client Officer & Office Head, North, West and East, Wavemaker India, says “Our strategy is to disrupt how brothers behave. For all the grand gestures men make for the women in their life, they often reduce the gesture to an envelope with cash for their sisters during Rakhi. With this unconventional route we reminded brothers to plan something special for their sisters. Every time someone sets out to plan a romantic gesture for their loved ones, our campaign is designed to remind them about the gift they need to plan for their sisters”

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