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Cadbury Celebrations' #ThisAdIsMyStore campaign empowers homepreneurs for Diwali

The campaign was executed with the help of tech partner Delta X and production partner EarthSky Pictures.

Diwali is a time for celebrating and enjoying time with friends and family. Cadbury Celebrations, the chocolate gifting brand, is once again promoting this joy with its latest campaign, #ThisAdIsMyStore. The campaign focuses on small business owners and giving them the chance to have a successful Diwali.

This year, Cadbury Celebrations’ latest campaign is built around channeling prosperity towards smaller home-based businesses selling varied seasonal Diwali items such as hand painted diyas, kandli, homemade snacks, desserts, candles, jewelry, etc. While such businesses primarily cater to the festive season’s prosperous demand cycle, they often can't optimally capitalise on it as they lack the resources and presence required to reach out to new prospects and get more business.

With #ThisAdIsMyStore, this time Cadbury Celebrations is giving talented homepreneurs the platform to shine by turning every Cadbury ad across all formats – including billboards, digital outdoors, mobile outdoors, online, print, and TV – into a shoutout for their business aka ghar ki dukaan. Each ad features a unique QR code that redirects users to their local homepreneur’s WhatsApp for Business chat, where they can discover and shop for homemade items.

The Cadbury Celebrations campaign is accompanied by an emotional TV commercial that highlights what this type of intervention means for small business owners. The ad opens with a shot of a house in a brightly lit neighborhood, where Beena, a woman who owns a homemade diya business, is busy packing orders for her customers. A group of youngsters then visit her home and convince her to come with them, even though she is worried about fulfilling orders for the entire neighborhood. The group then shows Beena her own #ThisAdIsMyStore billboard, informing her that she will not only be fulfilling orders for their neighborhood, but for the entire city. The group wishes her a Happy Diwali and gives her a Cadbury Celebrations pack before the ad cuts to more #ThisAdIsMyStore billboards, showcasing women entrepreneurs who sell seasonal items out of their homes.

Speaking on the campaign, Nitin Saini, vice president- marketing, Mondelēz India, said, “One of the biggest pulls about Diwali is the ever-present sense of generosity and a sense of share and care between communities during the festive season. With the #ThisAdIsMyStore campaign, we are tapping into this festive spirit by shining the spotlight on one of the least visible sections of the Indian business ecosystem: the seasonal sellers. These businesses are typically operated from home by women for a short duration and don’t have the presence or the resources to expand beyond their immediate localities. We wanted to change this dynamic by giving them the platform to reach out to customers all over their city and benefit from the demand cycle. Everyone deserves more happiness, more prosperity, more joy in their lives and, this Diwali, we are glad to be the enablers of prosperity for the small business owners who have signed up for the campaign.”

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India added, "Diwali is the time for all businesses to thrive. But unfortunately, there are a few businesses that don't fully benefit from the festive demand. Women Homepreneurs despite having the best talent and offerings manage to do business near their homes only. Their reach stays limited to their immediate neighbourhood.

We decided to extend our brand's platform of generosity by shining a light on these talented Women Homepreneurs with #ThisAdIsMyStore. We decided to make every Celebrations ad their ad. We personalised and hyper-localized every Cadbury Ad to showcase these home businesses across their city and increased the reach for ‘Ghar ki Dukaans’ by helping them travel beyond their current social circle and neighbourhood.

We conceived and developed a tech-enabled digital platform for these home businesses to register and get their ads in our Celebrations Ads across the city. To ensure a simple and seamless buyer experience, we made each #ThisAdIsMyStore a shop front to scan and buy directly from these home businesses. So, this Diwali Ghar ki Dukaan se bhi kuch Achcha ho jaaye, kuch meetha ho jaaye.”

Shekhar Banerjee, chief client officer & office head, West, North & East, Wavemaker India said “This year, we intend to make Diwali even more special for every Homepreneur. As a team, we encountered two significant challenges: developing an intuitive and user-friendly technology and ensuring deep and seamless integration across various platforms and media touchpoints. To truly make an impact, we focused on enabling three key segments to easily access this technology: Homepreneurs, their close connections, and festive shoppers. It is crucial for festive shoppers to perceive this as a valuable alternative for their holiday shopping needs. With this campaign we are gratified to be enablers of prosperity for these hardworking individuals and look forward to seeing their businesses thrive”

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