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Cadbury Dairy Milk hits the sweet spot inside a fridge with six new ads

Says we should always have something sweet inside the fridge.

Cadbury Dairy Milk, the milk chocolate brand, from Mondelez, has been a part of nearly every home in this country, especially the refrigerator in these homes.

In a series of six ads, the brand, from the point of view of the refrigerator shows us the events and occasions on which people open the doors of their mechanical winter machines to pick up that piece of Dairy Milk.

It took the simplest of consumer insights to craft these 20-second films. Sherlock Holmes was bang on when he said, “You see but you do not observe.”

Don’t we all rush to search for something sweet or cold after biting a chilly or something spicy? Imagine, if that something turned out to be a bar of Dairy Milk.

We’ve all opened our refrigerator doors to find something to eat when there is no electricity. The torch was our ally in darkness, today it is the smartphone’s flashlight.

How many times have you zoned out of during a call in the past two years? It’s a lot for me and I only nod and say “yes”, “uh-huh” every 30-seconds while rummaging the shelves and the fridge for a snack.

What’s sweeter than making up to your loved one with a chocolate bar?

Never had to bribe anyone but I’d heard of chocolates being used as bribes to keep secrets safe.

Has a niece or nephew grabbed something off your refrigerator door’s storage rack?

All six ads are from the fridge’s point of view and stress one single fact of life: FridgeMeiMeethaTohGharMeetha.

Cadbury Dairy Milk ads have always catered around spreading happiness among families. Take a look at these old ads from the brand:

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