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Cadbury Fuse's new ad sees the return of the 'gorilla' but treads close to Snickers' territory

A person not in control when in hunger is somewhat similar to what Snickers did a few years ago.

'Do not feed the animals' is an order you most follow at the zoo. Unfortunately, some of us aren't that sharp and fail to follow this simple yet critical message.

Cadbury Fuse illustrates the same in its new ad which also marks the return of its famous 'gorilla'. A dim-witted guy tries to tempt the gorilla inside its enclosure with a 'Fuse' chocolate but instead of the ape expressing want for the chocolate, we see a woman outside the enclosure give in and snatch the chocolate from the guy.

At the end of the ad, we see the line, “When your hunger goes out of control.” A clear message that 'Fuse' is your answer to uncontrolled hunger. The ad's theme is similar to that of Snickers' global positioning 'You're Not You When You Are Hungry'.

Also, we see the gorilla return to a Cadbury ad. He first appeared in the brand's iconic 2007 "Glass and a Half Full" campaign for Dairy Milk where Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" plays in the background and the gorilla plays the drums to the song.