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Cadbury Silk Bubbly pops out a new bubblegum flavour

The aerated chocolate bar now has a pink filling inside it; the ad introducing it follows the ‘young love’ trope typical of Dairy Milk.

Say “bubbly” and many will picture 90s Preity Zinta or Geet from the movie ‘Jab We Met’. Utter "pop" — the roar of the audience when something unexpectedly good happens — and wrestling fans will recall CM Punk’s entrance at AEW in 2021 or Edge’s return to WWE Royal Rumble 2020.

Picture the two together and you find yourself at the gates of Cadbury Silk Bubbly’s new ad and flavour — Bubblegum. We came across its ad a few days ago and Mondelez ensures nobody misses the pop. The ad, like most Dairy Milk and Silk ads, follows the trope of young love.

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The bubblegum flavour is new and the bubbly line of Dairy Milk Silk, an aerated version of the Silk, that Mondelez launched in India in 2015 is seven years old. This bubblegum variant joins the list of new flavours Cadbury’s rival Nestle KitKat has launched: Mango, Mix Fruit, Kookie & Crème.

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