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Cadbury unites people from different parts of the country to co-create India’s next Madbury

The 4th edition of the campaign allows consumers from across the country to collaborate and integrate their select ingredients.

Mondelez India, the makers & bakers of some of India’s leading snacking products, unveiled the fourth edition of Madbury – Madbury Duet. With the last version of the campaign securing 3.2 million entries from 5000 locations in the country, Madbury has successfully won the hearts and tastebuds of consumers for three years. This year’s Madbury blurs borders as consumers from across the country embark on this one-of-a-kind culinary journey of creating their own Cadbury, but with a twist of Duet!

Adding flavours of collaboration and technology, the 4.0 version of the brand’s campaign is pairing up two users from anywhere in the country to come together and create their version of Cadbury Dairy Milk. The campaign further underlines the brand’s promise to stay consumer-centric and provide Cadbury fans with newer, unique eat experiences.

Nitin Saini, vice president - marketing, Mondelez India said, “Mondelez India has been the tastemaker of the country’s chocolate consumption needs over seven decades, and as a brand, we have always focused on creating exciting and innovative ways to engage with our consumers. Through Madbury 4.0 we are focusing on the power of collaboration, of how two local flavors come to life with the convergence of two distinct personalities and cultures. Our previous successes on the Madbury campaign are a testament to the fact that consumers love experimenting with their Cadbury. With the latest campaign, we aim to create more tantalizing flavours by not one but with two Cadbury lovers coming together. To make this experience even more immersive, people participating from different cities will be able to choose their preferred state and zone, at the back of an algorithm, to create an interesting blend of taste and experience.”

Sukesh Nayak - chief creative officer, Ogilvy India said “At Ogilvy, we believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of consumer experiences to intensify engagement and strengthen love for the brand. The Madbury experience platform is an outcome of this belief. To elevate user experience for the 3rd edition of Madbury, we have designed a unique collaboration-at-scale experience - Madbury Duet. This new experience encourages Indians of different geographies, ethnicities, and cultures to come together to co-create their version of our favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk. Imagine the joy of creating your own version of India’s favourite chocolate and sharing it with the world.”

Shekhar Banerjee, chief client officer & office head, West, Wavemaker India said “With three successful editions of Madbury, the latest edition “Madbury Duet” again provides an opportunity to the entire nation to create their own Cadbury. But this time, we have elevated the campaign from ‘experiences’ to ‘shared experiences’ with the perfect amalgamation of data and tech. We have crafted our audience strategy and consumer journey in a way to ensure that we reach out to and engage our core Cadbury Dairy Milk lovers, allowing them to experience the joy of co-creating their own Cadbury; and sharing that happiness with someone!”

To participate, users can access the microsite that provides them with category options across Sweets & Desserts, Desi Drinks, Spices & Tangy, Fruity Fun, Crunchy & Chewy and House of Cadbury. Post selecting a category, the users can choose their ingredients and can also indulge in fun trivia about their selection. With just a few clicks, they will be able to choose the region which their co-creator should belong from, experiment, and choose the flavour selected by another person in the country to pair and create a complementary flavor which they can name together and submit as a Madbury entry. Apart from grand prize of creating the next Madbury, participants also stand a chance to win Amazon Pay and Paytm gift vouchers on and can put in as many as entries they would like.

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