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Cadbury's UK ad urges people to continue being humane...

The ad reminds people that even after the lockdown lifts and the pandemic ends, acts of kindness need not cease.

The coronavirus outbreak has been testing the resilience of human character. Many different countries all over the world have been affected by the pandemic, but the one thing that all of them have in common is that its their healthcare and frontline workers keeping the battle against the virus going.

Cadbury UK is the latest company to pay tribute to frontline workers. The company released an ad that's over a minute long with the message 'this doesn't have to end'. The reference was to acts of kindness that we've been seeing during this outbreak. In the ad, visuals of DIY at home haircuts, family bonding over cooking, helping out neighbours etc aim to remind viewers that even after the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has ended, the acts of kindness can continue. This aims to be a commentary on the fast paced lives that people were leading before the pandemic, adopting the narrative that 'the virus is making us humane again.'

This is not the first coronavirus themed ad that Cadbury has released. In March, the brand released a 'shot at home' ad for Easter titled 'High and Low'. This ad was also created by VCCP London and it showed the different places that Cadbury's Easer Eggs could be hidden in - keeping in line with the tradition of hiding eggs and letting children find them. The only difference was, the egg hunt was limited to the inside of houses because of the virus outbreak.

At the time of publishing this article, the UK has recorded 2,29,705 cases of the coronavirus with 33,186 deaths. It's economy has also been adversely affected. CNBC reported that prelimnary figures released show that the UK economy is expected to contract by 5.8 per cent in March. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself was affected by the virus in April, but has since then been discharged after making a full recovery.

Cadbury Credits:

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