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Cannes Lions 2022 Blog: Day 2 - the campaigns that stood out

Harsh Shah, managing partner, dentsu Webchutney writes about the most moving campaigns he witnessed on Day 2 of the Festival.

Day 2 @ Cannes Lions, and you need to see a doctor if you are not inspired yet. Or just read through my 3 favourite campaigns I saw today. These are just a few of hundreds of thousands of campaigns – one more beautiful than the other. Please don't cancel me basis of my choice.

We dealt with Craft today, and so beautifully put by Jury President – Industry Craft – Nils Leonard, 'Craft is the difference between what we celebrate and what we don't. You can 'CRAFT' change.'

The first one is Rio Carnaval – New Brand by TATIL DESIGNING IDEAS RIO DE JANEIRO.

Imagine creating a symbol that conveys the contagious energy from the most incredible show on Earth – The Rio Carnaval. The typography in the new branding is generative and programmable. A single symbol that represents the true spirit of the Carnaval. Inclusive, fluent with its movements as it dances, something visually perfect to the beat of analog and digital technologies.

I loved it because we often talk about diversity in India and can we represent it all at once. What could be better than something dynamic enough to express this diversity? All this while looking absolutely stunning.

The 2nd campaign is guaranteed to give you goosebumps every time you experience it.


The first sentence in their case study clearly represents this idea's weight. It read, 'destroying a country's cultural heritage is the fastest way to erase its national identity.'

As an Indian, I have heard this as part of folklores on Indian History, but what do you do when it is happening in 2022?

Luciana Haguiara put it exactly how it should be – 'How can we improve the real world through virtual craft' – Backup Ukraine delivers on that 100%!

For the first time in history, UNESCO gave every citizen the power to create high-definition 3D models — all they needed was their phones. Using real-time smartphone cameras and GPS data lets everyone in Ukraine capture any place or monument in a matter of MINUTES.

The Ministry Of Culture, Ukraine, to coordinate volunteers to map data. The data as blueprints are saved in a cloud-based 3D archive to be preserved forever. So, if they're ever destroyed, Ukraine's cultural treasures can be rebuilt down to the last detail. A sad time, but a beautiful collab between the govt and people come together to save their country in every way possible.

Read more about it here: https://poly.cam/ukraine

3rd is so close to my heart that I am literally smiling while I type this.

Having seen the struggle myself with my parents, neighbours, and everyone who is not native to technology struggle with it. When the pandemic took over, we were left with no choice. Transition or perish.

No 3. Masterji by Byju's Bengaluru

The film beautifully highlights a school teacher's plight and his struggle with technology to do what he does best – teach. His struggle with technology and resulting helplessness force him to quit, just like thousands of teachers. While being on the brink of defeat, something makes him not to accept it. This 10 min narrative is a masterclass in film making. Take notes!

With performances that make you fall in love with the craft of filmmaking and nuances that you cannot unsee, the campaign hits the right spot every time you see it.

I now go to bed with a Gold Lion and am inspired enough to keep awake. See you tomorrow.

(The guest author is managing partner at Dentsu Webchutney, digital creative agency from Dentsu Creative India.)

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