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Cannes Lions announces Australian director Kim Gehrig as Film Craft Jury President

Cannes Lions has announced that Kim Gehrig, Director, Somesuch, has been appointed as the 2023 Film Craft Jury President. The Lion award winning director will helm the Film Craft jury in Cannes, France, this year.

With a career spanning over 14 years, Gehrig’s work consists of a wide array of commercials, films, music videos and documentaries. Her celebrated commercial ‘This Girl Can’ for Sport England won the Grand Prix for Good. 

About her appointment, Kim said in a statement, “As a director, I am only as good as my collaborators. Every aspect of film craft, from writing and casting to shooting, editing, and post-production, is the result of the combined efforts of a talented team of people. It's the alchemy of these people and their crafts that elevates a piece of film beyond what we could even dream of. For me, the art of filmmaking is the reason I get up every morning, and that's why I'm deeply honoured to serve as the President of the Cannes Lions Film Craft Jury this year. I'm excited to see all the incredible work that's been produced and to revel in the artistry of my fellow filmmakers.”

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