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Canon India brings brand closer to millennials with new campaign

The new campaign ‘Big Smile with Canon’ stars Manabu Yamazaki, President & CEO along with Anshu Mor, stand-up comedian.

To build a stronger connect and make the brand relatable to the younger generation of consumers, Canon India has launched its unique corporate campaign, ‘Big Smile with Canon’. The campaign comprises of five episodes featuring Manabu Yamazaki, President & CEO, Canon India, and Anshu Mor, noted stand-up comedian and former senior business executive. With this collaboration, Canon brings to the fore one of its kind unique campaign, taking an inventive approach to strengthen its image as a young brand that the millennial customer group can relate to.

Being a leading Japanese player in the imaging industry, Canon has built a strong legacy through its reliable innovative technology and impeccable services. As the company celebrates its 25th year milestone in India, through this campaign, Canon India is further deepening the connect with the Indian customers, especially with the CEO coming forward as the brand ambassador in the videos.

Commenting on the launch, Manabu Yamazaki, President, and CEO, Canon India, said, “I am thrilled to announce the launch of our latest campaign ‘Big Smile with Canon’, an endeavor from our side to spread big smiles amongst our audience and employees alike. With this campaign, we look forward to being recognized as a young brand that is constantly not only launching products in line with industry trends but also campaigns that are relevant and most importantly, relatable. We are sure that the messaging brought out with this series will hold the attention and help us build connection with the millennials, which will surely help position Canon as a brand that understands the pulse of Gen Z. It has been a memorable and fun experience for me working with a talented stand-up comedian like Anshu Mor, and I think it brought me even closer to the beautiful culture of India.”

What comes together beautifully in these episodes is the ideal synergy of discussing mentorship, professional culture, work-life balance, passion and creativity in a quirky way. This unusual and innovative plot twist of a leading brand CEO collaborating with a comedian is in line with Canon’s corporate belief of delighting all - its employees, partners, customers and community at large.

Taking a two-pronged approach in the campaign, Canon has also planned a slew of internal engagement activities with the employees over the course of 5 weeks. The organization strongly believes that for delighting its customers, one needs to be delighted within always. Hence, the activities are aimed at spreading happiness amongst the employees, creating a fun and lively atmosphere to work in.

Anshu Mor, Standup Comedian said, “As a creator, I am always on the lookout to create unique content, which is funny and relatable. This project is of special value to me as a former business professional who got to mix his love for stand-up comedy with the corporate beliefs of such a renowned imaging brand. Never have I interacted with a Japanese CEO before and that too in such an innovative format. It was indeed an extremely fun project to work on and it was an amazing experience to converse with Mr. Manabu Yamazaki and get exposed to his humorous side. During the shoot, I learnt about Canon’s culture and how they stay true to their motto of spreading ‘Big Smiles’ to their stakeholders. We have received some positive audience response so far and we hope the love keeps pouring for this series that we all put so much thought behind.”

Over the past few years, Canon India has been ahead of the curve by introducing state of the art technology and devising new ways to improve customer experience. Canon’s focus areas and marketing strategies strive to be in line with upcoming industry trends and new consumption patterns.

Episode 1 of the series is already out and can be accessed on Canon’s official social media handles.

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