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CARS24 introduces Fourdoor, a new multi-brand car service and repair brand, with 'बे-CAR' campaign

The campaign addresses the significant challenges car owners face with traditional service centres.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of dealing with car maintenance issues. To tackle this widespread problem, CARS24, an autotech company, has launched its latest digital campaign, बे-CAR. This campaign addresses the significant challenges car owners face with traditional service centres and introduces CARS24’s new Fourdoor service, designed to transform vehicle maintenance with a focus on trust, transparency, and convenience.

Many car owners in India experience frustration, mistrust, and inconvenience at traditional service centres. Issues such as the use of non-genuine parts, opaque billing practices, and prolonged service times are common. Recognising these widespread challenges, CARS24 has launched the बे-CAR campaign to highlight and address these pain points creatively and humorously and introduce its latest service ‘Fourdoor’.

Fourdoor by CARS24 aims to transform the traditional vehicle maintenance landscape and eliminate the common issues associated with car maintenance, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. With the tagline- Right Service. Right Price. Right Now.

The बे-CAR campaign's short ad film humorously depicts scenarios where simple repair requests lead to absurd outcomes, highlighting the inefficiencies of traditional service centres. The film shows cars spending more time with Raju Mechanic or at service centres than with their owners, turning car owners into बे-CAR (pun intended).

The performances are designed to capture the attention of bystanders and drivers alike, directing them to a landing page that not only tells the "sad" tales of current car service woes but also highlights how Fourdoor can turn their experiences around with its trustworthy service.

The campaign is live on social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. It's the first major promotional effort in a long while, bringing creativity and humour to the forefront of automotive care.

Gajendra Jangid, co-founder and chief marketing officer at CARS24, stated, "Our 'बे-CAR' campaign humorously tackles the headaches of traditional service centres and introduces Fourdoor as the ultimate fix. With genuine parts, clear billing, and speedy service, we’re turning car maintenance woes into a thing of the past. It’s time to get back on the road with confidence!"

The service is currently live only in Gurgaon and will soon expand to other cities. The बे-CAR campaign aims to entertain and also to educate consumers on the importance of quality car care, empowering them to make informed decisions about maintaining their vehicles.

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