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Celio India launches a campaign Ft. Emiway Bantai, Ranveer Allahbadia, Umran Malik and Naâman

The sensational music has been composed by famed Mikey McCleary, and rapped by Emiway in signature Bantai style.

Celio India, launched an exciting new campaign #CelioDoItYourWay. The brand’s first-ever music video featuring popular icons Emiway Bantai, Ranveer Allahbadia, Umran Malik, and Naâman has a super catchy soundtrack that is bound to have you grooving. 

The name of Mumbai-based rapper and songwriter Emiway comes from Eminem & Lil Wayne and his last name Bantai comes from the streets of Bombay. Hailing from a humble background, with nothing but sheer determination and talent to rely on, Emimay Bantai turned out to become one of the biggest independent musicians in India. Ranveer Allahbadia, also known as BeerBiceps, is India's biggest podcaster, who battled his own demons and eventually defeated them, emerging as a strong digital creator, entrepreneur, and an inspiration for young India. Umran Malik began playing cricket in his community at an early age, without any proper tools, equipment, or training. Today, he is one of India’s fastest bowlers. Naâman, a French reggae musician too realized that his love, passion, and devotion lies in reggae music and took it upon himself to contribute to the trajectory of the genre, by writing and singing his own songs.

The energetic music has been composed by famed Mikey McCleary, and rapped by Emiway in signature Bantai style, so the song being as catchy, is no surprise. But don’t just get swayed by the beats of the music, because the lyrics are honest and heartfelt too. The video features how all three of them, who are wavemakers in their respective fields, made it in life by following the paths they defined for themselves. Staying true to the brand’s roots, the music video also features a French reggae singer and musician Naâman, adding to the key messaging of the campaign by being a pioneer of his craft.

On the whole, the new campaign, #CelioDoItYourWay, conceptualized by Havas Worldwide India, is all about celebrating one’s individuality and doing things your own way. The song is meant to inspire people to take risks, go after what they want, and explore their passions, especially in a world where mundane herd thinking is the norm. 

On the launch of the campaign, Satyen Momaya, CEO, Celio India said, “We are excited to announce our latest campaign, "Do It Your Way", which celebrates men who break the odds and deviate from conventional ways. Today's generation of young artists, athletes, and social influencers are carving their own journeys and taking pride in doing things their way. As a brand, we celebrate this spirit and aim to bring you the best of both Indian and French artists through this campaign. Our French heritage has always been a source of inspiration for us, and we are proud to highlight the differentiation we bring to the Indian menswear fashion scene. Celio understands the young millennial and Gen Z, and our merchandise collection is designed to help you express yourself in your own unique style."

Emiway Bantai, singer and rapper added, “It was so easy for me to resonate with #CelioDoItYourWay campaign because it became a medium for me to share my personal journey. It was great working with like-minded people, who just like me, believed in themselves through all odds thrown their way.”

“I believe in people taking individual liberties towards actions that feel right to them without fear or judgement. This is what the campaign means to me, and is always going to be special because it hits right at home” said Ranveer Allahbadia, also known as BeerBiceps, social media entrepreneur, investor, YouTuber and Youth Icon.

Umran Malik, Indian Cricketer, who features in the music video too said, “Celio is a brand that believes in doing things differently. The new #CelioDoItYourWay campaign celebrates this belief with a video that showcases the versatility of the brand in engaging communities through music, art, and more.”

Bobby Pawar, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Havas Group India said, “We believe great brands are those that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. It could be through a powerful thought, actions, or a combination of both. For Celio, we found it in a point of view that inspires people to forge their own path, to define success on their terms, to go off script, to go from having a herd mentality to having a ‘heard’ mentality (i.e listening to your heart). The best part is that this is very much a part of Celio’s DNA. The question was how do we express it? Not as a campaign, but by creating pop culture by collaborating with four people who made it by doing things their way. Their stories were told in what is one of the greatest mediums for telling personal stories, hip-hop. I’m grateful to our clients; Satyen, Stanton, Suparna, and their teams for not just backing the idea but being amazing partners in crime.” 

The video was directed by Raylin Valles, and produced by 10 Films, is now trending across social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

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