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ChatGPT scripts a “mildly terrifying” ad for Ryan Reynold’s Mint Mobile

It is worrisome when A.I. can crack an ad copy with a joke and abuse, and it does not fall flat. 

Ryan Reynolds using ChatGPT to script the ad copy for Mint Mobile, a mobile network carrier he owns, is perhaps the biggest of signs that the ominous Machines are coming has arrived. 

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence program which OpenAI has developed. Feed it direct briefs, and it will throw at you precise and sometimes engaging content. 

It is what Ryan Reynolds did when he asked the A.I. to “write a commercial for Mint Mobile in the voice of Ryan Reynolds. Use a joke, a curse word, and let people know Mint’s holiday promo is still going even after the big wireless companies have ended theirs.” 

The ad which ChatGPT wrote, as per Renyolds, was “mildly terrifying but compelling.” 

Launched in December 2022, the program crossed a million users in less than a week prompting an avalanche of discussions online about its potential to disrupt the content, copywriting, and journalism industries. 

Neeraj Sharma, senior vice president, strategy, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi had told afaqs! in December last year that content writing would go on to become the first casualty because it produces content, which already exists, that an A.I. can do far better. 

While Jay Morzaria, a creative director at Oktobuzz, said A.I. isn’t that refined to execute the many nuances of content writing like the “natural insertion of keywords in a blog post”, Preetham Venkky feels agencies are already making use of artificial intelligence. 

The president of 22feet Tribal Worldwide and chief digital officer of the DDB Mudra Group felt “it would be foolish” not to use ChatGPT and termed AI as not artificial intelligence but “assistive intelligence which does 80% of your work.” 

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