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Chinese Wok launches #LoveInEveryBite campaign for Valentine's month

It has partnered with various content creators to enhance the campaign's reach.

Chinese Wok, has unveiled its latest campaign, #LoveInEveryBite, in celebration of Valentine’s Month. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Chinese Wok introduces this campaign to coincide with the launch of its new offerings throughout the month.

From intimate dinners for two to meals that can be shared with loved ones, Chinese Wok aims to inspire the younger generation to express their affection and go the extra mile to make their loved ones feel special.

“Our goal is to give Valentine's Day a whole new meaning,” says Aayush Agrawal, founder and director of Chinese Wok. “Love is not confined to couples in relationships or marriage; it transcends all boundaries and encompasses every bond of love, whether it's with family, friends, someone special, or even self-love. At Chinese Wok, we believe that every individual deserves to feel cherished and valued, and our #LoveInEveryBite campaign embodies this ethos by celebrating the universal language of love through our delectable and fit-for-every-occasion cuisine."

To promote inclusivity and celebrate love in all its forms, it has collaborated with various content creators across the country to amplify the #LoveInEveryBite campaign. 

The brand has also launched a social media campaign highlighting the deep-seated association of food with love. As a special offer, the brand has launched a special menu priced at just Rs.149 for February 14.

Chinese Wok has also partnered with cricket umpire Nitin Menon and launched a series of digital films under the campaign 'Yummpire'. The campaign portrays Nitin's transformation from a cricket fanatic to a foodie, transforming from a strict umpiring to a noodle-loving foodie. The film features a scenario where Nitin misreads his date's hand heart signal, proving his love through delicious food. 

According to the release, it garnered over 45 crore impressions and 6 crore engagements since it was launched during the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023.

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