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ClearTax launches ‘Next' campaign featuring a girl filing income tax with her furry partner

The campaign aims to highlight the company's commitment to making tax filing a seamless and convenient experience.

ClearTax, an online tax-filing platform, gears up for the ongoing tax season with the launch of its Next digital campaign. The campaign aims to highlight the company's commitment to making tax filing a seamless and convenient experience for individuals and businesses alike. The campaign's tagline, "#IdharNahiToKidhar," aims to imply that there is no better place to file taxes than ClearTax, with its revolutionary features and updates that make tax filing a breeze.

The centerpiece of the Next campaign is a series of four ad films, each tailored to specific target segments: salaried individuals, those with capital gains, freelancers, and those with both salaried income and capital gains. Two of these ad films have been launched. These ad films showcase the ease and convenience of filing taxes on the ClearTax platform, with a key message that all it takes is to press the "Next" tab to navigate through the process.

The campaign highlights the platform's ability to cater to diverse needs, offering tailored solutions for different user segments. The ad films emphasise the unique use cases and features that make tax filing easier for each segment, reinforcing ClearTax's commitment to providing a seamless and personalized experience for all users.

Along with the ad film, ClearTax is also introducing three feature films that showcase its new AI Assistant feature, "Ask Neha." This AI-powered assistant serves as a co-pilot, accompanying users throughout their tax filing process and providing 24/7 assistance with all tax-related queries.

The campaign's humorous tone aims to convey the message that users can easily access assistance and have their tax-related questions answered with the AI Assistant feature, making it a one-stop solution for all tax-related needs.

Archit Gupta, founder and CEO, ClearTax, said, “While we are committed to revolutionizing the tax filing experience for individuals and businesses across India, with our 'Next' campaign, we have taken a solid leap forward in simplifying the process, making it intuitive for every user. Our unique ad films and AI Assistant feature are a testament to our continuous pursuit of innovation, ensuring that tax filing is no longer a dreaded task but a seamless experience. We are confident this campaign will connect well with our users and reinforce ClearTax's position as the nation’s go-to platform for hassle-free tax filing."

The "Next" campaign also serves as a reminder for existing tax filers that tax filing on the ClearTax platform is now even easier, with its message "Next level ease" and "Next level breeze." For new or first-time filers, the campaign aims to raise awareness that they can complete the entire DIY tax filing process on Cleartax with ease and convenience.

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