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Club Mahindra talks to international travellers in new campaign…

…. Pushes domestic travel when international travel remains a concern.

Although travel is making a comeback, it’s not in the form or avatar as it was before the pandemic entered our lives. For instance, there’s heightened emphasis on destination people are familiar with and understand.

Another interesting trend is the decline in international travel. Unfortunately, COVID has upended global travel and even for those who can afford to visit a foreign location, the situation is tricky because each country is battling the virus and with new mutations cropping up, this trend won’t die soon.

It’s no wonder that brands in India are doing their best to capture this international traveller segment. Take Club Mahindra’s new ad for instance that is aimed to “boost domestic travel”.

A 53-second ad, it showcases a series of awe-inspiring sights that many would have pegged for a foreign locale. It’s exactly what Club Mahindra wanted to do… tell those who holiday abroad that India too has those sights which you only expect to find outside the country.

Pratik Mazumder, chief marketing officer, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, said, “With the launch of this campaign, we aim to inspire people to experience the unmatched offerings that India has to offer to travellers. Club Mahindra’s unique proposition, allows the traveller with an opportunity to discover India like never before."

"At Club Mahindra, our focus is to redefine the holiday experiences of our guests. Being present across 60+ resorts at various destinations along with 2000+ unique experiences, we want people to explore India through Club Mahindra”.