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CMF by Nothing unveils ‘Wonderful by Design’ campaign featuring Rashmika Mandanna

The campaign showcases the CMF product line, including the CMF Phone 1, CMF Watch Pro 2, and CMF Buds Pro 2.

CMF, a sub-brand of London-based technology company Nothing, has announced the launch of its newest brand campaign Wonderful by Design to showcase the CMF product line, featuring the CMF Phone 1, CMF Watch Pro 2, and CMF Buds Pro 2. These products embody the blend of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic brilliance.

The Wonderful by Design campaign encapsulates the essence of Nothing's approach to product development. The brand video, featuring popular actress Rashmika Mandanna, opens with the CMF logo, setting the stage for an exploration of innovation and design. Through the glass of a vending machine in a London underground station, Rashmika notices a glowing button and driven by curiosity, presses it. This action reveals a secret doorway, inviting her into the CMF Lab.

The brand film features popular Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandanna, and the narrative unfolds in a stylised R&D facility where Nothing’s team of engineers and designers craft extraordinary products. This lab environment serves as the backdrop, emphasising forward-thinking, high-quality, and design-led innovation. The journey of these products culminates in their placement in vending machines, ultimately reaching the hands of consumers.

The story follows a protagonist who discovers a hidden door leading to the CMF Lab. Alone in this captivating and mysterious setting, she explores the products and the machines that create them. The audience senses her trespassing, yet the machines and products welcome her curiosity. Through this narrative, we aim to convey that 'Wonderful by Design' reflects our process, our products, and ultimately, the inherent wonder in all of us.

Sharing thoughts on the campaign, Pranay Rao, director and head of marketing at Nothing India said, “CMF Phone 1 is our first smartphone under the sub-brand CMF by Nothing. CMF was launched to democratize technology giving the consumer a great product at a more affordable price point while not compromising on design, quality or user experience. This film through the eyes of Rashmika showcases the entire CMF ecosystem of devices designed to complement each other and work together.”

CMF by Nothing launched CMF Phone 1, alongside CMF Buds Pro 2, and CMF Watch Pro 2, today. CMF Phone 1, equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 7300 5G processor, boasts a 50 MP Sony rear camera and a vibrant 6.67” Super AMOLED display with adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. What makes it stand out is CMF Phone 1’s innovative modular design which prioritizes functionality and individuality.

Buds Pro 2 comes with the industry’s first customisable Smart Dial and offers an immersive audio experience through dual drivers, along with 50 dB Hybrid noise cancellation. CMF Buds Pro 2 also come with a first-of-its-kind ChatGPT integration. CMF Watch Pro 2 features unique interchangeable bezels and a 1.32” AMOLED screen with auto brightness.

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