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Coca-Cola promotes Coke Studio Bharat in two new spots

Janhvi Kapoor returns to the beverage's spot after having made an appearance in 2022.

Come summer and beverage brands begin to grow itchy. It is their season because the sale of anything liquid rises at this time. 

Coca-Cola has already released two ads as the summer starts and both feature actress Janhvi Kapoor. She first appeared in a commercial for the carbonated beverage in 2022 alongside actor Ishan Khatter.

The first one, a 20-seconder, pitches Coca-Cola as the perfect accompaniment to Holi celebrations which fall on March 8, 2023 while 'Holi Re Rasiya' from Coke Studio Bharat plays in the background. In the second ad, Kapoor and her friends groove to ‘Udja’, the first song of the music series, whilst enjoying a Coca-Cola to beat the sweltering heat.

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Coke Studio Bharat is the returning avatar of Coke Studio India whose last season aired in 2015. Featuring over 50 artists, the aim is to celebrate the roots of Bharat.

While the two ads welcome the return of the summer, Coca-Cola, a couple of days ago, welcome Coke Zero, its beverage variant with zero sugar but the same taste.

Actor Tiger Shroff appeared in its ad which was a surprise because, until last year, he was an endorser of rival Pepsi.  

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