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Coca Cola's new ad pays tribute to the human race...

The ad aims to serve as a reminder that despite the circumstances of the pandemic, human spirit is keeping hope alive.

It's easy to lose hope in the middle of a pandemic that is currently threatening the world's population. Instead, Coca Cola wants to take this opportunity to remind us how resillient the human spirit is. Coca Cola's new international ad aims to pay tribute to the human race and to the frontline workers tirelessly fighting against the pandemic.

The ad shows contrasting human behaviours while reminding us that there is still goodness in the world in the midst of strife. The video displays scenes of panic buying, social distancing, and situations of self-isolation where a person may have to forcefully stay away from their family members. The ad is heavily reminescent of a 2012 ad that uses similar messaging - by attempting to instil a sense of hope by displaying bleak ads.

This 2012 TVC was created by McCann Erickson, and opens with a bunch of kids humming to the strum of a guitar. As the children sing, a montage is flashed on the screen, along with some text and statistics that support the images. Prasoon Joshi, had penned the lyrics of the jingle that accompanied the ad and Bollywood music composer Shantanu Moitra has composed the music. The film was directed by Kaushik Sarkar, and produced by the production house Apostrophe.

In 2010, Coca Cola internationally took up an initiative called 'The Happiness Machine'. On the surface, it looked like a normal vending machine

Looked like a normal vending machine but it dispensed more than one coke when the button was pressed, forcing students to share the beverages and initiate conversations.