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College Vidya launches #DabbeseBahar campaign empowering students in choosing the right online education path

This initiative will inspire students to explore the platform for a personalized and comprehensive online education experience beyond traditional methods.

College Vidya, a comprehensive platform for informed online education choices, has unveiled its latest campaign, #DabbeseBahar, aimed at liberating students from limitations and guiding them towards selecting the ideal online education partner. Recognizing the evolving landscape of online education, College Vidya seeks to revolutionize the decision-making process by encouraging students to move beyond conflicting advice and opt for a personalized, flexible, and comprehensive online education experience.

In India, students often encounter limited perspectives on the education system due to biased guidance from family and friends based on their own experiences. This can lead to a lack of awareness about diverse academic, cultural, and financial opportunities outside the conventional educational path. Moreover, students may overlook changes in the global economy, technological advancements, and evolving career prospects, focusing solely on familiar routes that might not guarantee the best outcomes.

To address these limitations and provide students with better choices, College Vidya has launched the #DabbeseBahar campaign. This initiative aligns with the platform's vision of empowering students to achieve their educational goals through tailored and flexible learning experiences. By offering a wide range of courses, College Vidya caters to tech-savvy and budget-conscious students seeking quality education that offers value for money.

Rohit Gupta, co-founder & COO of College Vidya, explained the campaign's purpose: "'Dabba' in the campaign signifies 'The Limitations' that the majority of students have in their career due to the biased information they receive from their friends and family's past experiences. In this new era of online education, we aim to become the most preferred platform for students pursuing their education beyond traditional methods. We believe this initiative will be of immense help to the student community, especially those between the age group of 18 to 25 years looking for quality education with the value of money."

By launching the #DabbeseBahar campaign, College Vidya aspires to empower students to make informed decisions about their education and break free from the confines of conventional advice. The platform's commitment to offering diverse and valuable online education opportunities aligns with its mission to guide students towards successful and fulfilling career paths.

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