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'Cool Indian dad' is a PMS champ in Paree's new ad

In the ad, we see a father who's attuned to his daughter's needs when she’s suffering from menstrual cramps.

From Bollywood movies to recurring themes on social media, the 'Daddy's little girl', or 'Papa ke paree', has become a trope that's spread its wings everywhere. We’ve always heard that daughters are closer to their fathers.

And while the father-daughter love will never die, the talk of periods and menstrual cramps can put the best of men uncomfortable. It's a topic they aren't used to talking about, and when it does crop up, men tend to fumble, or move to another topic right away.

Thankfully, times are changing, and many men, especially fathers, are adept at talking about cramps, and trying to ensure their daughters go through the period with as little discomfort as possible.

This approach towards menstruation and cramps from the lens of a father-daughter relationship is what Paree, a home-grown feminine hygiene brand, tries to portray in its Father's Day ad that's live on the BLUSH YouTube channel.

“I have seen that fathers are extra sensitive, and caring of their daughters. ‘Daddy’s little girl’ gets away with many things, including ordering her Papa around the kitchen, which a son dare not! This fun and lively #PapaKiParee video showcases the beautiful relationship between a father and daughter. At Paree, our purpose is to celebrate relationships, and moments where ‘She’ is put first," says Sahil Dharia, CEO and founder, Paree.

Using humour and relatable instances, it shows us today's 'cool Indian dad' who's a champ at making his daughter feel comfortable during her cramps, and also connect with her.


Motivator India

Kirti Khanna (Concept and Script)

Ratheesh MS (Client Lead)

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