Shreyas Kulkarni

Cooling is so passé; AC brands are now going all out on bacteria, viruses and other features

So, is cooling no longer the core focus for AC brands? Well, looks like it.

As per the Indian Meteorological Department’s ‘Seasonal Outlook for the Temperatures during March to May 2021’, one can expect above normal seasonal maximum temperatures in India. Especially in most subdivisions of north, northwest and northeast; few subdivisions from eastern and western parts of central India; and few coastal subdivisions of north peninsular India.

This means that air conditioner (AC) brands are in for a sizzling sales period. After all, it’s kind of their main job role – to cool the space where they are installed. But going by their recent ads, we wonder if their focus is no longer on cooling.

For ages, telecom giants had one role – to offer a strong network that facilitates clear calling and minimal call drops. These days, they offer high-speed Internet, subscriptions to OTT and music streaming platforms, limited-period access to edutech brands, and what not… A strong network seems to have taken a back seat.

AC brands are also talking about how their products offer vigorous protection against bacteria and viruses – it’s, after all, the taste of the season. And this proposition, along with others – from power consumption to fast cooling, etc., seems to be more important than ‘cooling’…

Here’s a roundup of what AC brands are telling us through their recent ads:

Panasonic Smart ACs

Touting its new range of ACs​ equipped with Nanoe X technology, that inhibits 99 per cent of bacteria and viruses, the Panasonic spot that features a bua who sprays sanitiser everywhere but because of the AC's features, she is told, "Spray kar diya, ab chill kar."

Samsung Convertible 5 in 1 AC

We don’t keep our ACs switched on all days because we are worried about the power bill. Samsung offers five different power consumption modes.

Lloyd Grande Heavy Duty AC

Lloyd AC, through actors and real-life couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, highlights not just its plasma protective shield, which protects against bacteria and viruses, but also the fact that it chills even when its 60 degrees Celsius. And, it’s ‘smart’ too.

Voltas Maha Adjustable PureAir AC

While not a proper ad, this video posted on the brand’s YouTube page talks about its new AC and its super UVC technology that kills germs. The titanium dioxide-coated filter removes volatile organic compounds. It also talks about the AC’s five-stage adjustable mode, and the 100 per cent copper usage that ensures the product’s long life.

Blue Star ACs

Now, here’s one AC spot that only speaks about cooling. Featuring cricketer Virat Kohli, Blue Star says it provides happiness to its consumers because of its fast cooling.


Forty-two seconds long, this ad has no dialogues, but its message is crystal clear – its cooling is so strong, you have to feel it to believe it.

LG India

LG’s spot talks about a feature that we haven’t come across recently – noise. The brand says that its AC’s super silent functioning will turn your home into a zen space. There is no mention of cooling and protection against bacteria or viruses.

Mitsubishi Electric

The Japanese electronics company references how most of us are staying at home, and how Mitsubishi air conditioners, coupled with Lossnay ventillators, are best-suited to keep the air clean.

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