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Country Delight motivates people to adopt a healthier lifestyle with its new digital campaign ‘Live Better’

The company plans to launch the campaign on digital platforms and targets a viewership of 5 million.

Country Delight, recently launched its new digital campaign, ‘Live Better'. The campaign falls in line with the company’s mission to disrupt the decades-old Indian food essentials space and to be a brand that changes millions of lives by urging the consumer to Live Better and Choose Better.

Country Delight (CD) is a tech-driven direct-to-home consumer brand that delivers products that help consumers Live Better. Natural wellness is at the core of country delight’s product DNA. Every product that we serve is Natural viz. Pure (No Middle Men), Fresh (Fully owned supply chain) and Minimally Processed(As close to homemade as possible). Country Delight has done ~8 million deliveries per month across 15 cities with a supply chain that spans across 11 states in the country.

The campaign will run on digital platforms and eye a viewership of 5 million. It will feature two ad films; the first titled ‘Anniversary’ is about living better by prioritising your choices and striking a work-life balance, while the other film titled ‘Football’ is an endearing film about spending time with your family and emphasizing on ‘first things first’. The ‘Live Better’ campaign is conceptualized by Country Delight’s in-house creative team and directed by Jeet Lotia from Another Idea Productions.

Speaking on the campaign, Chakradhar Gade, founder of Country Delight, said, “Country Delight’s mantra has always been to encourage millions of people to live better and have a healthier lifestyle by consuming farm fresh products. We understand that ‘Live Better’ is a larger concept and can be perceived differently by various individuals thus we conceptualized this campaign to encourage our viewers to make better choices to Live better. So in this festive season, we intend to further educate people about the importance of healthy living and motivate themselves to make better choices through our digital campaign”.

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