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Country Delight promotes the purity and quality of milk through its new ad campaign

The ad campaign is an integral part of Country Delight’s ‘Live Better’ digital campaign.

Country Delight, a dairy brand quality milk, milk products, and kitchen essentials has recently launched an exclusive advertising campaign featuring two ad films that resonate with the brand's commitment to purity and quality of milk. The campaigns titled 'Technology ka Kamaal' and 'Black Tea' aim to bring back the good old quality, purity, and tradition of milk to consumers while celebrating the relationships built around milk. The campaign will run on digital platforms and eye a viewership of 5 million.

Country Delight's in-house creative team has envisaged the new ad campaign, while Basta Films has been the producer. The first ad film, titled 'Technology ka Kamaal', highlights how technology can help urban consumers enjoy the good old purity of milk from the comfort of their homes. The ad beautifully delivers the message to the audience through a hearty conversation between three old friends in a park who discuss the essence of technology in bringing back good old things in our lives again.

The second ad campaign, 'Black Tea', features a heartwarming story of a mother and son. The ad film starts with a young adult preparing black tea for his mother and reminiscing about his childhood. The ending takes an emotional turn, leaving the viewers with moist eyes. The ad promotes the brand's VIP Membership while encouraging the viewers to give VIP treatment to their loved ones.

The new advertising campaign falls under the umbrella of Country Delight’s iconic ‘Live Better’ digital campaign. With the aim of urging consumers to live better and choose better by consuming farm fresh products, what Country Delight wishes to highlight through its ‘Live Better’ campaign is why every people should invest in their health irrespective of any age barrier to lead a healthy future.

Sharing his views on the campaign, Chakradhar Gade, co-founder & CEO of Country Delight, said, "We have built a technology platform and a fully owned supply chain that helps people in cities enjoy fresh and pure kitchen essentials from the villages. We wanted to showcase consumer delight as a result of this, and the 'Technology ka Kamaal' film does that beautifully. The 'Black Tea' film, through an emotional and heartwarming story, brings out the impact of this offering."

Production Credits: 

Technology ka Kamaal

Writer: Mayuresh Wagle

Creative Director: Mayuresh Wagle

Director: Romil Khatri

Producer: Mahima Sharma

Black Tea

Writer: Utsav Shah

Creative Director: Mayuresh Wagle

Director: Romil Khatri

Producer: Mahima Sharma

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