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Advertising celebrates the game's changing nature in new ad campaign

It is a data-driven platform that not only keeps you up-to-date with what's happening but gives you the tools to predict what is to come.

There was a time when all the residents of a locality would visit one home because it was the proud owner of a black and white television – over simmering cups of tea, they'd watch India's cricket matches. Move a few decades forward and you can watch a cricket match on Smart TV, laptop, desktop, and even your smartphone.

Times have changed, cricket has changed and so has the way to watch it. This is what Head Digital Works' new ad campaign for its application has to say.

What is It's data-driven platform "that delivers insights which give fans predictions on the game pertaining to momentum shifts, player performances, and simulators along with staples of live scores, news, etc..."

Created by Ogilvy, the ad is a refreshing timeline of how cricket has changed over time. From bats and balls to wickets to players and a demigod and his most passionate devotee... "Cricket is no longer the same game you fell in love with. Everything about game has been constantly evolving. And helping you read into this ever-changing game is," says the ad's YouTube description.

Kiran Anthony, Chief Creative Officer- South, Ogilvy said, "From 5-day-cricket to 5-hour-cricket, from 8 balls an over to 6 balls an over; cricket has been evolving ever since the game came into existence. The same applies for those who follow the game. From adjusting radio frequencies to adjusting TV antennas, from SMS alerts to live video feeds, the way we consume cricket has also evolved.

As is going to be the natural next step in cricket consumption, we came up with this film which portrayed a series of interesting instances of how cricket has evolved over these years."

Deepak Gullapalli, Founder & CEO, Head Digital Works said, “ is the latest addition to our portfolio and we are very excited about it. In a country like ours where cricket is more of a religion than just a sport, our platform will provide the best-in-class analysis and updates of the sport. We are also very proud of our association with Ogilvy and the execution of our ‘The Ever-Changing Game’ campaign. With this, we aim to revolutionize the way cricket is followed in India.”

The ad's release is opportune because the Dream11 IPL will start on September 19 and considering the anticipation around it, stands to benefit a lot from the premier T20 league tournament.

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