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Croma launches its summer campaign 'Magical Summer'

The campaign is conceptualized by Team Croma and executed by Useful Garbage.

Croma releases summer digital and television video commercials. The advertisement focuses on the theme of upgrading appliances during the summer season.

Summers are a time of anticipation and excitement for everyone. But the blazing sun can quickly turn summer dreams into a nightmare. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to making summer truly magical: upgrading summer appliances! With exchange & EMI offers at Croma stores and, it's never been easier to make the most of the summer season.

Conceptualized by Team Croma and executed by Useful Garbage production house, the 30-second commercials primarily focus on the major summer essential appliances; the ad has been further adapted into various regional languages for regional audiences. The quirky and fun video portrays some hilarious and relatable scenarios; the familiar struggle of fitting everything in a small fridge and staying cool during the hot summer months, tumbling and tossing to feel a little breeze from a small fan.

The ad beautifully enhances and integrates Croma’s products and furthers its philosophy of bringing happiness to the customer’s doorstep. The film also highlights Croma’s key brand proposition of helping customers choose the right product for their needs and aspirations with worry-free post-purchase experience and lifetime service assurance. The commercial focuses on upgrading refrigerators and opens with a young man lost in thought, trying to figure out how to retrieve a box of delicious yogurt from a fridge filled with other stuff but accidentally knocking over all the items in the refrigerator. Another shows a family of four sleeping in a classic "army camp" way to enjoy the air from a small fan rolling in sync. Hilariously enough, in tossing and turning, the parents end up falling off the bed. 

Based on the above scenarios described, Croma is seen providing quick and efficient solutions for common summer problems; in the films, Croma magicians swoop in to save the day with a Side-by-Side or Double door refrigerator which is more spacious and efficient and better at storing and preserving food, thus reducing the risk of spoilage and waste and in another Croma switches up a frustrating summer situation with a magical swish and upgrades the family to a whole-room AC. Both films show how a simple swish or a tap can upgrade the summer experience and make it truly magical.

Overall, Croma is addressing common summer problems by providing efficient and reliable solutions to help people stay comfortable and safe during the hotter months.

Commenting on the campaign, Shibashish Roy, chief operating officer at Croma, said, "Summers can be magical if we use the right tools to beat the heat. Technology is a catalyst for change. Through this campaign, we endeavor to bring the magic of summer to every home with innovative upgrade solutions that will keep families cool and comfortable despite the summer heat. At Croma, we help everyone to not only make the right choices but also embrace technology as a tool for a brighter future.”

This video is launched across various digital and social media platforms to ensure maximum visibility and reach. With a clear message that aligns with Croma’s brand values and resonates with its target audience, this video is sure to make a lasting impact. 

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