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Crompton launches a new campaign for its new product

The newly launched TVC has been conceptualized by BBDO.

With scorching heat at its peak, the indispensable fan at home provides us with much needed relief at all times. Moreover, the ceiling fan runs for almost 24 hrs of the day. While BLDC fans are known to save energy, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd., the market leader in fans, has introduced its ActivBLDC range of ceiling fans which not only provide energy savings, but also ensure superior air delivery. To communicate this superior benefit, the brand has introduced a new campaign titled “Energy-saving ka waada, hawa adhuri nahin zyada”. In a visually appealing film that clearly communicates the difference of air delivery felt by the protagonist, the campaign draws attention to Crompton’s innovative product superiority. Showcasing a fun, candid and playful visual of a girl under her BLDC fan, the campaign gives a hard-hitting take on the importance of superior air delivery while serving one’s requirements of energy savings.

BLDC fans have been known to significantly reduce energy consumption annually. However, the core need of consumers in fans category is air delivery. If the fan does not deliver this core need, all other features may be redundant. This is where Crompton brings in the difference with their range of energy-efficient fans powered by ActivBLDC technology which gives you superior air delivery in addition to helping you save atleast 60% on your electricity bills. As a company that aims to build a deeper connect with Indian households, its new film / TVC strongly communicates the key message ensuring “Energy-saving ka waada, hawa adhuri nahin zyada”.

Speaking about the brand’s latest TVC campaign, Pragya Bijalwan, CMO - Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “There are BLDC fans in the market and they do deliver energy savings, however, when we went to the consumers, we understood that while they are looking for savings on their electricity bill, the core need still remains ‘air delivery’. The consumer is not ready to compromise on the category hygiene. Through this campaign, we intend to communicate this very thought of Crompton’s product performance by highlighting the superior air delivery and innovative technology that goes behind making our energy efficient ceiling fans. Our campaign encourages the consumer to see the difference of results between a regular BLDC Fan and Crompton’s ActivBLDC Fan, where the protagonist of the film experiences comfort with ActivBLDC fans. We are very pleased to launch this campaign that captures and communicate Crompton’s innovative ActivBLDC fans which delivers Full-on energy savings and Full-on air delivery”.

The newly launched TVC conceptualized by BBDO, showcases a premium home setting wherein a girl is sitting on the sofa under her BLDC fan, holding an electricity bill, smiling. However, the scene twists to reveal the girl with just half a smile that borders to half a frown. With a dog lying in her lap whose fur is half flying (half not), we uncover the entire scene where one half shows the discomfort on her face due to lower air delivery by the regular BLDC fan and the other half of the face shows relief from superior air delivery of Crompton ActivBLDC fan. With full-on energy savings and full-on air delivery, Crompton’s ActivBLDC fan brings to you the absolute energy saving fan that does not compromise on air delivery, hence ensuring “Energy-saving ka waada, hawa adhuri nahin zyada”.

Crompton ActivBLDC Fans has an elegant design and an under light to up your aesthetic appeal. This can be controlled by a remote or through a mobile application for an enhanced user experience thereby, uplifting the décor of your room.

The 360-degree campaign will be launched on television and will further be amplified across multi-media platforms like Digital, Instore etc.

Hemant Shringy, chief creative officer, BBDO India said, "This one's an eye opener. And an essential piece of information when we're all moving towards energy efficient fans. Because if a fan saves energy but compromises on its core, the air itself, then it's really doing half the job. And that's what we've tried to highlight in the communication. Crompton, with its innovation and its pursuit to offer nothing but the best to its users, is again one step ahead, by offering ActivBLDC, while others are still lagging behind."

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