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Dabur Honey takes Sonu Sood on its Purity Trail

During the visit, Sonu Sood also interacted with the experienced beekeepers from Dabur’s selective bee farms

What started off as a genuine health query on social media from renowned Bollywood actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood ended in an informative Honey Trail. During his journey to the foothills of Himachal Pradesh, Sood personally experienced the process of sourcing, collection, testing and packaging of India’s purest and World’s No. 1 branded Honey, Dabur Honey.

It all started on 1st August, when fitness and health-conscious Sonu Sood tweeted about planning to replace sugar with honey in his daily diet and wanted to be sure about choosing the best quality honey available in market. “Being the market leader and committed to health and well-being of consumers, Dabur Honey decided to take Sonu Sood on a Honey purity Trail to showcase the 100% purity and quality commitment of Dabur Honey. He experienced the unique journey of Dabur Honey from sourcing, filtration, testing and packaging from exclusive bee farms to our USFDA approved honey plant which only Dabur has setup with decades of domain expertise”. Byas Anand, head-corporate communications, Dabur India said.

During the visit, Sonu Sood also interacted with the experienced beekeepers from Dabur’s selective bee farms, besides taking a tour of Dabur Honey’s world class manufacturing unit. He visited state-of-the-art testing laboratories where every batch of Dabur Honey undergoes 100+ stringent quality tests as mandated by FSSAI and then packed in fully automated facility, untouched by hand, before reaching millions of households. “We are sure that through his personal experience of Dabur Honey’s journey from hive to home, Sonu Sood who champions the voice of crores of Indian consumers, would now be 100% confident on the superior product quality of Dabur Honey,” Prashant Agarwal, marketing head- Health Supplements, Dabur India said.

Sharing his views, actor Sonu Sood said: “I was always inquisitive about the sourcing of pure honey from nature, how it is collected and packaged. I would like to thank Dabur India for inviting me to visit their beefarm and honey plant to help me experience the complete process of honey collection, filtration, testing and packaging. This not just strengthens my belief in Dabur Honey as a brand that has been part of my household since years but also showcases how this world class brand has been built on the pillars of trust and transparency. Now I can vouch that when it comes to purity of Honey, nothing beats Dabur Honey. Without any hesitation, I can replace sugar with Dabur Honey in my journey of staying Fit & Healthy.”

“Dabur Honey has constantly nudged consumers to adopt Honey in their daily diet and fitness regimen, be it by way of having Dabur Honey with warm water every morning or as a replacement of sugar in tea, coffee, beverages or as an additive in breakfast cereals. Dabur Honey not only has lower calories than sugar but also helps in boosting immunity”, Mr. Agarwal added.

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