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Dabur releases first TVC for chocolate health drink Dabur Vita with Sonu Sood

The campaign, conceptualised by Havas Worldwide, positions Dabur Vita as a challenger brand to the existing products in the category.

Dabur recently forayed into the health food drinks (HFD) category, with Dabur Vita, its chocolate flavoured drink. Now, the company has released a TVC that features actor Sonu Sood.

The ad has been conceptualised by Havas Worldwide (Creative) India, which recently won the mandate for Dabur Vita’s mainline and digital communication. The agency is also handling communication for the company’s other flagship brands, including Dabur Honey and Dabur Vedic Suraksha Tea.

Given the added focus of consumers on good health over the past few years, the demand for HFD is only flourishing. This has led Dabur to make its foray in the category by coming up with a new product that promises a superior formulation with enhanced immunity benefits.

Entering the HFD category is a natural extension for Dabur, as it is synonymous with good health and immunity through its various brands, including Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, amongst others.

The new TVC talks about the importance of immunity in milk drinks. The film captures the innocence of a kid, with Sood saying that in today’s time, immunity is pivotal, along with mental and physical growth.

In the ad, the kid can be seen pouring the regular chocolate health drink into plants or serving it to pets and birds. The regular HFD is useless, as it only provides strength, but no immunity. Sood suggests switching to a complete health drink that not only ensures physical and mental growth, but also boosts immunity in children. It protects them against infections and illnesses, without compromising on the taste factor.

Dabur Vita’s value-added proposition in the fiercely competitive HFD segment includes it being tested to significantly increase the activity of known protein TNF alpha, which helps boost immunity. It also includes the power of more than 30 time-tested Ayurvedic herbs, such as Ashwagandha, Giloy and Awla, which provide immunity and all-round development in children, making it a complete health drink.

The objective of the campaign is to disrupt the HFD market. Dabur Vita is being positioned as a challenger brand to the existing products, by taking into consideration immunity and not just strength and growth as a USP to build the brand.

Prashant Agarwal, marketing head - health supplements, Dabur India, said, “... With a unique formulation, Dabur Vita brings the benefits of Ayurveda in a tasty chocolaty drink that has been hugely liked by kids in a consumer research. It is tested to significantly increase the activity of the known protein TNF alfa, which helps boost kid’s immunity, thus making Dabur Vita India’s Immunity Expert.”

“To introduce our newest offering in the health supplement space, we have been working with Havas Creative Group India to create some effective and meaningful work for brand Dabur Vita. We are confident about building a powerful brand narrative through Havas in the months to come.”

Ravinder Siwach, executive director and national creative director, Havas Worldwide (Creative) India, added, “We are excited to launch and be instrumental in growing the Dabur Vita brand by partnering with it to make an impactful debut in what is a highly competitive market. We're looking forward to making Dabur Vita a household name, and cement it in the hearts and minds of consumers through impactful and engaging storytelling.”

“This TVC talks about Dabur Vita not just being another HFD, but one that helps build immunity in children. Parents who choose Dabur Vita can be rest assured that they are giving their child a complete health drink. Sonu Sood’s presence further enhances the product’s efficacy promise as his image is wholesome and reliable.”

Manas Lahiri, managing director, Havas Worldwide (Creative) India, had this to say, "Havas Creative Group India has seen phenomenal growth in the last 15 months, both organically and inorganically. In terms of new client wins, we have had an amazing conversion. This has happened on the back of our global ethos of creating meaningful brands. It has led us to strengthen our new business team, strategy, integration with global tool suites and data-driven creative solutions, and upskilling of the creative teams to think digital-first while enhancing the relevance of storytelling. We are delighted that the esteemed Dabur conglomerate has reinforced its trust in us through Dabur Vita, an exciting category which has tremendous promise in our country."

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