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Dalmia Cement launches 'RCF Strong toh Ghar Strong' campaign with Ranveer Singh

It believes that Ranveer embodies the spirit of youth and resonates with modern homeowners.

Dalmia Cement is making a shift in its brand focus with its new campaign 'RCF Strong toh Ghar Strong'. The new customer-centric messaging is aimed at creating awareness amongst the home builders and contractors in choosing the right cement, using it in the right way and following best construction practices to build their dream homes.

The campaign that would consolidate Dalmia Cement as the ‘RCF Expert’ will feature Ranveer Singh. It will be launched through a comprehensive multimedia approach adding much efficacy to the brand's message of technical knowledge, and peerless service, as amplified by the slogan, 'RCF Strong toh Ghar Strong'.

Commenting on the initiative, Puneet Dalmia, MD & CEO, Dalmia Bharat Limited, said, “During our illustrious journey over the last eight decades, Dalmia Cement has stood shoulder to shoulder to build our nation from its roots, contributing to create iconic national landmarks as well as happy homes for millions. As individuals, we cherish our homes which hold a profound value and place in our lives. Thus, constructing such a generational asset with the proper application of cement and technical expertise not only ensures structural integrity, but also represents an investment for life.”

“Our new brand campaign manifests not just an eminent legacy, but also a commitment to consumer centricity – it conveys a core message that building a home with due care means building it for generations to come,” he said.

Commenting on his collaboration, Ranveer Singh shared, "I have always admired Dalmia Cement for contributing to the construction sector for over 80 years. I am happy to partner with the company & advocate for the vital importance of Roof Column and Foundation in home construction. Together, we aim to educate individuals to make informed choices, ensuring that every structure stands the test of time."

Sameer Nagpal, COO, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) shared, “We believe that the brand must play a vital role in consumer’s lives so that they can make informed choices. Dalmia Cement has over the years developed proprietary know-how of optimising cement recipes that make it most suitable for Roof Column and Foundation. These are the most critical elements in the structure of the house and are responsible for its strength and longevity. In addition to providing the right cement for RCF, we also have a strong on-the-ground technical workforce that assists home builders and contractors in using the cement in the right way. The RCF campaign brings to fore this value proposition”.

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