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Damensch launches a campaign specifically for PVR multiplexes

The campaign will be seen before and after Avatar: The Way of Water movie on the PVR multiplexes.

DaMENSCH, the D2C brand has been mapping the opportunity of Avatar: The Way of Water movie on the PVR multiplexes with its new campaign. 

The brand has conceptualized and executed its ad campaign which talks about its conscious fashion which recycles plastic to make polos because polos look good in a polo avatar, not in the bottom of the ocean that will be played before and after the movie. 

The 15-seconder that inspires the conscious young generation to choose ‘FASHION THAT THINKS’ has been coordinated to leverage the larger conversation that the movie is driving on consciousness.

Talking about this move, Deepti Karthik, senior vice president, marketing, DaMENSCH, said “Moment marketing is about capturing a topical content and driving the brand message effectively. We believe the conscious fashion narrative that DaMENSCH has been driving gets leveraged even more effectively when combined with the impact of the mindset that one is in while watching a movie like Avatar- the way of water. 2700 Ltrs of water is how much one saves when they choose to buy a DaMENSCH bamboo vest, 50% less energy gets consumed because we use high IQ dyes and 4 fewer plastic bottles go to ocean when we recycle them to make our polos.” 

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