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DaMENSCH unveils #TheMostComfortableMan campaign

The brand spotlighted Shantanu Gosavi, a vitiligo model; Suresh Ramdas, Mr. Gay India 2019; Thasveer Muhammed, a handicapped travel influencer.

DaMENSCH has launched its new campaign to own the idea of - #TheMostComfotableMan. 

With this campaign, the brand is looking to showcase the “unfiltered comfortable self” of a man, “a strong yet comfortably vulnerable man”, “a man that doesn’t let uncomfortable circumstances deter him from achieving his goals”. 

This campaign is an ode to every Comfortable Man.

DaMENSCH kickstarts the campaign with a captivating poster series and videos featuring men who have fought their inhibitions, fears, and societal cliches by embracing themselves for who they are and confidently dreaming big. 

DaMENSCH spotlights Shantanu Gosavi, a vitiligo model; Suresh Ramdas, Mr. Gay India 2019; Thasveer Muhammed, a handicapped travel influencer, Kavan Kuttappa, a courageous entrepreneur who made passion his profession, and the well-known actor Vikrant Massey - who moves away from the industry’s cliched idea of a hero. These men are a select representation of “TheMostComfortableMen” and an inspiration for each of us. 

Commenting on the concept behind putting this campaign together, Deepti Karthik, senior vice president, marketing, DaMENSCH, said, “When we did a brand dipstick on the one word associated with DaMENSCH we heard "comfort" over and over again..Now this was a product experience but do we own this as a brand? To turn our product experience into brand experience we decided we should own "comfortable". And thus began our research - What makes a man uncomfortable? The insights that came off were amusing, intriguing, and more. Men said they are uncomfortable when. So we set out to take each one of these occasions and turn men comfortable in them.”

“We launched a video on Valentine's day to talk about all kinds of relationships - married, live-in, open, and same-sex. We launched a video on Holi to talk about the many colours and skin of a man - dark, light, with acne, and vitiligo. We launched a video on Dance day to just say men of all sizes can dance, dance doesn't have a gender or size, and dancing doesn't make you effeminate. We launched a video on fathers day saying give father a chance , he is the guy who made you most comfortable once. And this Men's Day we take it one step further. We are trying to define the most comfortable man”, she added.

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