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Danone India launches digital campaign to promote nutrient absorption in children for holistic growth

It aims to raise awareness about nutrient absorption in children aged 3-6 years, crucial for growth, brain development, and immunity.

Furthering the nationwide launch of AptaGrow, Danone India has taken a steo in strengthening its toddler nutrition range by launching a digital campaign. The campaign is aimed at creating awareness around better absorption of vital nutrients in children aged 3-6 years, essential to support growth, brain development and immunity.

Mothers are increasingly prioritising their children's well-being and strive to provide them with a balanced diet since they want the best for their children. According to health associations, about 40% of kids under 5 don’t reach their full growth and development potential. Therefore, ensuring effective nutrient absorption is equally important. AptaGrow, which is formulated with prebiotics and other nutrients, plays an essential role in nutrient absorption.

In line with this, the two digital films/ DVCs have been curated to focus on the significance of prebiotics in improving nutrient absorption. It emphasises AptaGrow which is formulated with 37 nutrients including a blend of prebiotics that enhances the absorption of essential nutrients, thereby supporting the holistic development of a child, beyond just physical attributes. The campaign will be featured on its social media assets.

Speaking about the campaign, Sriram Padmanabhan, marketing director, Danone India, said, "Based on an independent survey, 69% of mothers felt their children were not growing as per their expectation and 73% believed that poor absorption of nutrients results in poor growth. Therefore, following the successful launch of AptaGrow, we have initiated a digital campaign to raise awareness and prioritiSe the role of prebiotics and other nutrients in facilitating nutrient absorption during a child's developmental journey.”

Additionally, focused on addressing the concerns of the parents regarding their children's overall growth and development, AptaGrow has also introduced a tool – Growth Chakra, to help mothers measure and understand her child’s growth needs. This tool helps mothers understand their child's holistic growth and development aspects like height, weight, immunity, and overall well-being. The tool indicates areas where a child requires improvement, while the diet plan offered via WhatsApp bot assists in addressing these needs. According to the release, the tool is verified by doctors and reviewed by 100 moms.

AptaGrow stands as a testament to Danone’s commitment to raising awareness about the importance of providing adequate nutrition, particularly during a child's foundation years.

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