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Dating in 2020 may have turned on its head, but Bumble wants you to make the first move…

… Because when you do, beautiful things happen.

If there’s one lesson Bollywood has taught us, it’s to never give up on love (Kabir Singh isn’t the example you should go for, neither is `DDLJ’). When you overcome hardships, obstacles and win over your love, life suddenly becomes beautiful.

Love is beautiful, and so is dating and all that jazz which comes with it… From dressing up for a date (night) to those butterflies in your stomach as you wait for your date to arrive, it’s all magical. Unfortunately, 2020 threw dating for a toss. But as Bollywood taught us, you don’t give up.

Bumble, the woman-first social networking app (it allows you to meet people to date, become friends with, and also connect for professional networking), has released a new ad as a part of its `First Moves Forever’ campaign. As per the ad’s description on YouTube, it “tells the tale of modern love stories exploring dating and relationships during the pandemic”.

The 96-second-long ad is a gorgeous series of clips of couples and how people didn’t give up on love despite the (COVID) pandemic. Bumble even played cupid with its `buzz’, signalling that you’d matched with someone.

Bumble also released two real-life love stories as a part of the campaign. The first one involving Marta and Shelby talking about how their COVID summer fling turned into a long-distance real thing (relationship).

Then there is an interesting story of the `Apocalypse partners’.

Adding to all this, Bumble has also released a `Dating 101 in 2021’, a guide to dating amid the raging pandemic.