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Deepak Singh launches new creative shop called 'Vitamin D'

It's a one-stop destination for all brand solutions ranging from marketing and design to strategy and motion graphics.

Deepak Singh has announced the launch of his venture – Vitamin D. The agency, headquartered in Mumbai, will offer end-to-end brand solutions: Marketing and Strategy, Creative Communication & Design, Digital Communication & Design, Public Relations & Event Design, Film Production & Motion Graphics.

With over 20 years in the business, he has seen and worked in most if not all mediums. From outdoor to mainline to digital and even a stint in software, he's quite adept and has cut his teeth at places such as Leo Burnett, Grey Worldwide, McCann Erickson, DDB Mudra, TBWA, Dentsu, The Social Street and YAAP Digital. He's also amassed over 1,200 national and international awards at forums like Cannes, One Show, LIA, New York Festival, ABBYs, Adfest, Spikes Asia and Young Guns amongst others.

We caught up with him to enquire about his venture. Here's what he had to say.

Edited Excerpts

What's in a name?

You only get Vitamin D when you step out so we thought it will be interesting. Science says it brings happiness to your life and creativity is all about exploring life. That's why the whole thing fit well.

If you look at the 'V' and 'D' (logo), it's a drop. When that drop arrives from the Sun and slices into two, it becomes the aforementioned letters. Join the two, it becomes a drop. The design is minimalist

The agency offers all services?

When I was planning, I spoke to a lot of industry people and clients and everyone is looking for one-stop solutions... I've worked in ATL for very long and then ventured into Outdoor and activations (Social Street) for two years and then I stepped into digital... With me, I've 16-17 years of experience in mainline and won awards too; I bring a good mix to clients.

For instance, I recommended an overseas client to not opt for ATL work because they didn't need it and was expensive... digital was enough for them. The client saved a lot of money and this helped me build a long-lasting relationship... you can give these kinds of solutions only when you're experienced in all pathways and that's what we'll do here too - offer experienced advice in all services.

Bold strategic move or 'Just do it' mood?

When I was with a software company, they paid me around 50K and offered accommodation in Bandra. Then, I switched to advertising and my salary was Rs 5,000 and no accommodation. So, that is the amount of risk I'd taken. It's been 20 years now in the industry so there's no way I can go wrong, especially with work so there's no reason to get scared now. And clients are looking for people like me in terms of experience because they may not want to go to the big agencies...

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