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Deepika Padukone explains a Spotify playlist in 15-seconds and that's the ad

Type artist’s name in the search box, click, and here’s your ready to go playlist.

Spotify’s new 15-second ad is a good example of why you sometimes need a refresher course. In this case, it’s Spotify’s ready to go playlists.

During a car journey, Padukone goes on to explain how you only need to type Badshah’s name in the Spotify app’s search bar and voila, his playlist is at your disposal.

Our thoughts were reflected in the ad when Sunil, her driver remarks, “Ma’am, you should be in a Spotify ad.” Padukone looks towards us when she hears this is quite the ‘breaking the fourth wall’.

This is Padukone’s second stint for the audio streamer. She, in her first ad for the app, showed us the three steps to using the app and how her debut for the app must be kept a secret, wink, wink.

For the longest time, Spotify has touted its playlists as its main weapon of choice to lure listeners, the second being its podcasts.

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