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Delhi HC orders Parle to modify its ads resembling Britannia's Good Day Biscuits

Parle was promoting their 'Parle-20-20' range of cookies by denigrating, defaming, and disparaging Good Day range of cookies.

In a relief to Britannia, the owner of the Good Day Butter Cookies, the Delhi High Court has directed Parle Biscuits to modify two of its advertisements, disparaging the former's products.

A bench of Justice Pratibha M Singh has ordered Parle Products to ensure that the aforementioned ads are modified within two weeks by blurring the images of cookies displayed, similar to those sold by Britannia.

"It is submitted by Mr. Bhardwaj, counsel for the defendants, that in both the that in both the advertisements there is no issue of packaging that exists, however, sofar as the cookie design is concerned, in order to ensure that the grievance of the plaintiff is redressed, the defendants are willing to blur the cookie image in the said two advertisements.This is agreeable to plaintiff," the order said.

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