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Dhara puts the spotlight on heart health of young adults in new ad

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, the ad says that contrary to general perception, people under the age of 40 years are more vulnerable to heart diseases.

On the occasion of World Heart Day today (September 29), Dhara, the edible oil brand from Mother Dairy, talks about heart health of young Indians under the age of 40 years. The digital ad film, conceptualised by DDB Mudra, highlights the fact that today’s adults are vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases, owing to various inconsistencies settling in modern-day lifestyles.

The film features actor Shishir Sharma as an active and fit senior citizen, who is at a heart clinic with his son. For over 20 years, he has been visiting the clinic all by himself and is well versed with the flow around.

The duo is shown sitting outside the Doctor’s room. Soon, the nurse calls out for ‘Mr Shastri’. Both the father and son look at each other. The former then tells the latter to go inside. This time, it is the 32-year-old son who undergoes a consultation.

The ad highlights the message that 25 per cent of heart attacks in Indian men occur under 40 years of age. The voice-over talks about having a healthy heart and asks the viewers to exercise regularly, reduce their stress levels and further increase the intake of oryzanol in their diets.

Commenting on the ad film, Dinesh Agrawal, business head - Dhara, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable, said, “The modern-day course of life has inflicted various inconsistencies in our lifestyle, and the events of the past two years have unfortunately compounded it. Brand Dhara has always endeavoured and supported healthy lifestyle practices, such as usage of oil in moderation and adopting routine of physical exercise. Through this film, we aim to spread awareness amongst our current and future nation-builders to have a healthy lifestyle with due attention to heart health...”

Vineet Kindra, SVP & business partner, DDB Mudra North, added, “Contrary to general perception, people under 40 are extremely vulnerable to heart diseases. We felt that World Heart Day is the right occasion for the brand to ask people to carry out small changes in their lifestyle and oil usage for better heart health. With ‘Zara Sa Badlaav’, people can work towards a healthy heart.”

Cooking oil brands have, time and again, focused their narratives on good heart health of people.

NatureFresh Acti Heart oil’s ad talks about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart.

In its World Heart Day spot last year, Saffolalife also urged people to take care of women of the house, as they undergo stress that sometimes goes unnoticed by other family members.

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